Challenge Prizes and Travel Awards

Thanks to the generous support of the NWO Gravitation project NETWORKS, we can announce the following awards for the first PACE challenge.

Competition Prizes

For each of the two tracks we award prizes. Track A offers four ranked challenges: exact sequential, exact parallel, heuristic sequential, and heuristic parallel computation of treewidth. For each ranked challenge, there will be a first, second, and third prize.

  • Each first prize will receive 200 €.
  • Each second prize will receive 100 €.
  • Each third prize will receive 75 €.

Track B offers one ranked challenge and there will be altogether three prizes for this challenge.

  • The first prize will receive 500 €.
  • The second prize will receive 300 €.
  • The third prize will receive 200 €.

The ranking criteria for each challenge are described in the description of each track.

Travel Awards

With these awards, we aim to encourage young researchers to attend IPEC and ALGO. Altogether, three travel awards of 500 € will be handed out. To apply for a travel award send an e-mail including a CV and a motivation letter to Frances Rosamond, Chair of the Steering Committee, University of Bergen. The application deadline is July 20, 2016. To be eligible one must

  • submit a working implementation in one of the PACE challenges,
  • be a full-time student (undergraduate or graduate level, excluding PhD students), and
  • give a commitment to attend IPEC in case one receives the award.