PACE 2019


  1. Vertex Cover
  2. Hypertree Width

Tracks / Challenges

1a. Vertex Cover Exact (Compute a vertex cover of smallest size): Details for the track (Exact); Download Instances (Exact, Updated: March 05, 2019); Input Format

2a. Hypertree Width Exact (Compute a hypertree decomposition of hypertree width): Details for the track (Exact); Download Instances (Exact); Input Format

2b. Hypertree Width Heuristic (Compute a decent hypertree decomposition fast): Details for the track (Heuristic); Download Instances (Heuristic); Input Format



Submission details



For details consult the page of the separate tracks.

Then, to participate, you will just upload your code to the platform as stated on this page. Current leader board on public instances will be live on The final ranking will be done on the private instances, using the last valid submission on public instances on We kindly ask the participants to send by email to the PC the name of the participants in the team, the name used on for each track, a link to the public repository as well as a short description of the program and algorithm.

Program Committee


On behalf of the Organization Committee of the 4th PACE Challenge, we invite you to participate in the sponsoring of metals and travel support for PACE-19.

NETWORKS already announced sponsoring for PACE 2019.