PACE 2019 (Track Hypertree Width/Heuristic)

Exact 2b. Hypertree Width/Heuristic


Compute some hypertree decomposition.

The implementation you submit must compute a hypertree decomposition of the hypergraph within the allotted time. You don’t need to implement a timer: We will send the Unix signal SIGTERM when the timeout is reached.

But note that we will bump up submissions that find good solutions very fast.




There are 100 public benchmark instances, labeled htd-heur_001.hgr, htd-heur_003.hgr, … to htd-heur_199.hgr.

Larger numbers in the filename should (as a rule of thumb) correspond to harder instances. The odd instances are public and the even instances will be provided later (secret).

For verification purposes, we also publish the sha1sum of the public archive:

SHA1 sum filename
ee40ca1fb10f8d27b5780175a1cd4eb9cbf2eea2 pace2019-htd-heur-public.tar.bz2

For individual files we refer to Download SHA1 sums