PACE 2019 (Submissions)


  1. Register at (
  2. Access Easychair ( and register your group
    • Use as title of the paper your login name at optil
    • Place the name of your solver in the abstract
  3. Submit your solution via optil (as soon as the optil submission is open)


  1. Open Source (e.g. GPL, MIT, or public domain)
  2. Source code is available on a public repository (e.g., Bitbucket, GitHub, Gitlab)
  3. Submissions Solver: Deadline (DS)
    1. Submission via
    2. Register solver and participants via EasyChair
    3. Create a release in the public repository of the solver (name: pace-2019)
  4. Submission Description: Deadline (DD)
    1. Place the source code of the solver in a digital library (e.g., Zenodo) and generate a DOI
    2. Submit solver description via EasyChair use DOI to refer to the solver and include a reference to the public source code repository
Solver Description