PACE 2020: both tracks are running at

We are happy to announce that you can now submit your solutions to Let us recall that the final deadline for submission is June, 1. Until the submission deadline, you will be able to test your solution on public instances and see unofficial rankings. Please note that the ranking published at is only auxiliary. In particular:

  • the ranking at is created using public instances only. The final ranking will be generated using private instances.
  • in the final ranking for the exact track, the solutions which return an incorrect result for some test instance will be disqualified (this is not supported by the ranking.

Please note that in both tracks you can submit only once in 24 hours. The team has also prepared lite versions of both tracks, with just three test instances, but with no limit on the number of submissions, but with only 5 minutes time limit for each instance. You can use them for test submission, e.g. to make sure that your solution compiles on the server, whether you included all the files, etc.